Caged Heart : The “ME” Mentality

An Open Letter To The Me Mentality


My heart aches for yours…your heart trapped behind cages….

I actually feel sorry for you. If you are one of the thousands that I see expressing your support for the inhumane treatment of children then I truly express my sorrow toward the existence that created your sense of superior.  What a difficult journey you have ahead of you in your belief that by virtue of race, religion, or geographical birth that you are somehow better and more deserving of the best that life can offer.

How incredibly sad I am that your own sense of what is right and what is wrong is so easily influenced by celebrity or political stature.  How the call to take care of ME is so loud that any compassion is drowned by the rantings of delusion.  I pity each of you that allows for children to be placed in cages for it is no more than a testament of where your own hearts live daily.

How limiting it must feel living a  life that will not grow beyond your own self importance or sense of entitlement. To have it tangled in twisted beliefs that have tied it down to nothing more than your ego.  I simply cannot imagine living a lifetime purely devoted to what YOU need to have a happy life.

There are children in cages. And perhaps they exist beyond the boundaries of one country.  I don’t know with certainty that they do not. I can only assume that given our sad state of humanity that the possibility does exist, and therefore I am not making this letter specific to one population.

I am, however making this specific to one current situation that is playing out on the borders of our closest neighbor.

And the reason is quite simple.

Because, at this particular junction of time this is the current situation in place. And throughout this current moment there are shouts of anger and hatred being leveled at parents who were warned that this might occur.

Imagine for a moment being a parent who understands such a risk yet risks it regardless…

To try to give their children what your children have…

By virtue of race, religion or geographical birth.

And the best we can do is judge them.

And put children in cages to punish them.

I think it’s time to get over ourselves.  To bring our hearts out of hiding.

And to stop following the leader into a history that shames us all.

“Don’t drink the Kool-Aid”














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